You won't be able to resist one of the best products that you will find in Casablanca.

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Traditional Moroccan rugs

There are those with various colours, with one colour or with designs.

One of the most difficult things for anyone visiting Morocco is to resist buying a rug, and go home without one under their arm. They can be found in almost all the shops in the country and are of excellent quality, the majority are made by hand. Casablanca is not a city with a great rug making tradition, but it is easy to find them there, especially in the New Medina. A lot of small posts full of rugs can be seen on the streets, most of them are brought from cities in the north of the country, like Rabat or Fez. Rugs with Berber letters and symbols tend to attract most tourists. If you bump into a friendly vendor, it is quite possible that they will explain the meaning of these inscriptions while trying to convince you that you are about to make a the great purchase. Because you can bet your life, you'll probably end up buying it.

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