There are different options, all of them with good typical Moroccan food.

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Typically Moroccan restaurants ***

It is time for food.

In a coastal town like Casablanca there can be no lack of fresh fish, even in the cheapest restaurants, where you can eat cheaply. One of them is the Snack Amine, which has several establishments in the city (the most central is in the Rue Chaouia, near the hotel Colbert). This place is well known for its large trays of fried food at excellent prices, and for the efficient waiters. Another, slightly more expensive option, is to go to the Port de Pêche, which has fish in puff pastry, au gratin or in Tajin and where you can see the fish before they cook it. At Nº 86 on Mohammed V Boulevard you can find a stylish restaurant, which opened in 1920, and still retains a large part of its ancient splendour. It is Le Petit Poucet, a place visited by the writer Saint-Exupery, some of whose letters you can find in frames on the walls.

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