On one side, is the old Medina and on the other, modern buildings and the administrative and commercial city centre.

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United Nations Square

The elegance of the 30s.

This huge square is the dividing point between the Old Medina in Casablanca and the modern districts, and it was also the meeting point of the main city thoroughfares: Mohammed V, Hassan II, F. A. R., Houphouët-Boigny and Moulay-Hassan I. May be quickly crossed by an underground passage that runs from one end to the other and that is indicated by a peculiar dome. However, it is much more interesting to stroll around above ground, where you will see quite a few large white buildings, the Hyatt Regency Hotel probably being the most outstanding of them all. One end starts at the Boulevard Mohammed V, which consists of a lot of buildings from the 30s, including several hotel establishments, as well as shops and some of the city's most elegant cafés and restaurants.

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