It is not a typical tourist destination, so you will be able to appreciate daily life in this country better.

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Visit to Mohammedia

Get away to the coast.

This town, located a little less than 30 kilometres to the north of Casablanca, gives a good example of the cult dedicated to the existing Alawi Monarchy in Morocco. For centuries, the city was known as Fedala and in 1960 it was renamed Mohammedia, in honour of King Mohammed V. It currently has a population of over 100,000 inhabitants, the majority of who depend in the oil refinery for a living. This refinery is the third largest in the country and is located near the harbour. Among the city's essential visiting points, the most outstanding are some leisure areas, like the hippodrome or the golf course, which are both located in an area full of hotel complexes. Something that is also highly recommended is to take a walk along the three kilometre long beach, which is protected by a large dam, where the local inhabitants often sit to chat and sunbathe. Something very different is going for a swim, as the waters are dangerously close to the oil terminals.

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