"Minimum Space" exhibits some of the most cutting-edge (and yes, sometimes uncomfortable) art from Europe and the Americas.

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Espacio Mínimo Gallery

A top gallery on a street known for contemporary art.

The Lavapiés neighbourhood street Calle Doctor Fourquet, a paintbrush's throw from the Reina Sofía Museum, has become quite the centre of contemporary art. And one of its most interesting galleries, the "Minimum Space" of José Martínez Calvo and Luis Valverde Espejo at number 17, has been showcasing "artists who make us uncomfortable and depict problems which disturb us" since 1992. They started out in a 14-square-metre (150-square-foot) space - hence the name "Minimum" - in the southern city of Murcia, and now continue their work in this Madrid gallery which is 10 times larger. Artists featured here include London-based Susan Collis, Argentine Liliana Porter and Gipuzkoa-born (deep breath) Manu Muniategiandikoetxea.

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