La Cúpula (Alcalá de Henares)

It may be that Alcalá's most distinctive restaurant used to be a Baroque house of worship - some find this fun, it makes others uncomfortable. What about you?

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La Cúpula (Alcalá de Henares)

Bread and wine in a church, but not as you'd expect.

Ever dined in a church? Here in Alcalá de Henares there's one dating back to 1618, once part of a now vanished Baroque convent, which today serves "Castillian cuisine in unmatched surroundings", as the management of La Cúpula describes it. At Calle Santiago 18 next to the Complutense University and the Cervantes Theatre, it's not exactly cheap, but the top-quality meat and fish dishes served here are worth every euro. And besides, you can always opt for the set menus which start at €28 per person (two-person minimum). Some may find La Cúpula a bit irreverent, but many others cherish it as a marvelous spot particularly for a special celebration. Come and decide for yourself!

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