The main attraction here is the church, with its altarpiece, grille and dozens of paintings.

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Monastery of Santa María de El Paular

Another of the great, historic monasteries of Spain.

In the high valley of Lozoya, in the town of Rascafría, this monastic complex was occupied by Carthusian monks for over 400 years, then later by Benedictines. Its most notable feature is the church, for two main reasons: the altarpiece and the grille which separated the monks from the other worshippers. Also of note are the 54 17th-century Baroque paintings occupying nooks in the courtyard. For years these paintings were scattered across Spain, but since July 2011 they have been reunited here except for two which were burned during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. The palace was a luxury hotel for over 70 years (known as a favourite of renowned film director Luis Buñuel for relaxing between filming), but it was closed in 2014.

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