A tiny village, a historic hermitage, a spectacular waterfall and oodles of trails through verdant landscapes.

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Somosierra Pass

A refreshing summertime mountain excursion.

The Puerto de Somosierra, 1,444 metres (4,738 feet) up in the Guadarrama Mountains north of Madrid, is a natural transition between the Community of Madrid and that of Castilla and León (the A1 motorway tunnels through here). It's also especially perfect for a summer's day outing, with a highlight being La Correra de los Litueros, the Community of Madrid's largest waterfall. It's easy to get to via a trail barely 1.5 km long (less than a mile), which takes about half an hour and as a hike is rated low-difficulty. There are also other mountain trails up here which are a little more challenging, such as the ascent to Peña Cebollera and Tres Provincias. And there's also a tiny, cute village amid the pines (population around 77) and a hermitage dedicated to Our Lady of Solitude - well worth a visit.

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