This green area has its own story that you will discover while strolling around it.

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A fortress open to the public.

According to Nordic legends, the Goddess Gefion separated Sweden from Selandia, Denmark's largest island. A spring dedicated to this goddess guards the bridge and the south gate of the fortified citadel or Kastellet, which is completely surrounded by a moat. King Christian IV ordered the building of the fortress in 1626, as defence against attacks from the sea, and his initial plan was to include a castle in its interior, but there were not enough funds to do so. The military elements have been maintained over time, and military barracks even remain in some areas, though most of the Kastellet is open to the public as an outdoor recreation area. Interestingly, in the enclosure you will find a picturesque windmill that allowed the soldiers to be self-sufficient.

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