Its appearance has been preserved as it was years ago and its attractions will bring fun to your afternoon.

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Tivoli Park

Travel to the past on a Ferris wheel.

Tivoli Park and Gardens date back to the year 1843, when an entrepreneur - Georg Carstensen - persuaded King Christian VIII that an amusement park would be useful to provide the Danish people with some fun, distracting them from thinking about politics. So that they would not discuss absolutism. So, the entrepreneurial Carstensen took the land that he rented from the king and created the country's second oldest fun park. As you stand in front of the main entrance, it is as if you have taken a journey back through time: it has been preserved so that it looks exactly the same as it did on the first day. The Tivoli ferris wheel offers one of the most breathtaking views of the city and its many attractions are related to Nordic traditions, authors and mythology. Also, if your trip is in summer, you can enjoy the the Tivoli's summer concert season.

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