The early 20th-century composer, so beloved he used to be on Spain's pre-Euro currency, lived nearly 20 years in this house.

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Manuel de Falla Museum

Dedicated to one of Spain's most famous composers.

Cádiz-born Manuel de Falla (1876-1946) lived in Granada from 1921 till fleeing to Argentina after the Nationalist victory in the Civil War in 1939, and this house-museum at Calle Antequeruela Alta was where he lived and composed some of his most significant works. Today it preserved the composer's original furnishings and personal effects, and organises various events to promote his music. Music maven will also want to visit the permanent exhibition "Manuel de Falla's Universe", in the Alhambra on Paseo de los Mártires, with various other documents, including letters, drawings, and scores, as well as a music and film archive. Details:

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