Elegant casual white apparel in natural fibres, with hippy roots, now sartorially synonymous with Ibiza

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Visions in white

If you happen to spot your favourite celebrities and A-listers dressed in breezy white duds with creatively embroidery, chances are it's following a style dubbed "Adlib", an outgrowth of the hippy aesthetic in the early 1970s which then became something of a sartorial symbol of the Balearic Islands and Ibiza in particular. It combines natural fibres and a handmade look, which comes across as casual, comfy chic. You can find no shortage of boutiques which sell fashion lines based on the concept, such as the celebrated Ad Libitum (Carrer Bisbe Cardona I Tur, 10) right by the port, carrying dresses, tunics, and both long and short trousers - including the collection of noted Adlib designers like Charo Ruiz. For guys, the most noted brand is BSF MAN. You can also find plenty of examples of this style (at perhaps gentler prices) in the island's open-air "hippy" markets.

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