Ibizans have a sweet tooth, too, and these three dishes are their favourite ways to indulge it

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Desserts on Ibiza

How sweet it is!

As brilliant as the savoury is in Ibizan cookery, the pudding that comes afterward is sweet indeed. The island's top star in this regard is likely flaó, a round, mild cake made with eggs, farmer's cheese, anise, and mint - the last two of which give it a particularly distinctive taste which many connoisseurs in fact consider the quintessence of Ibizan flavour. Back in the day, it was made only for Easter week, but these days you can easily find it all year round. Other island indulgences include greixonera, a pudding of sugar-dusted ensaïmada pastries and eggs (sometimes biscuits are also added); orelletes, a onetime wedding banquet speciality that's a crispy fried dough in the shape of an ear, flavoured with a couple of shots of anise liqueur; and salsa de Nadal, a favourite Christmastime sweet sauce based on almonds but also incorporating meat stock.

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