A dramatically craggy islet off a west coast beach isn't just scenic, but also the focus of strange tales

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Es Vedrà Island

Mystical isle

Out on Ibiza's west coast, near Sant Josep, the beach of Cala d'Hort faces a good-size offshore island rearing dramatically some 413 metres (1,355 feet) out of the sea. Es Vedrà is one of the island's main natural attractions, and you can take boat excursions (including snorkelling) close to its shores. Furthermore, there is definitely a mystique about it, including rumours of the paranormal. It's said, for example, that the island accumulates energy and is a locus of magnetic radiation; there are also tales of mysterious lights and even UFO sightings. Whether or not you subscribe to any of that, its breathtaking beauty - especially from the beach across from it - is undeniable, and a good part of the allure of Cala d'Hort itself.

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