Monument to the Discovery of the Americas

Perhaps one of Spain's funkiest public monuments

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Monument to the Discovery of the Americas

"Columbus' Egg"

Many statues of explorer Christopher Columbus in both Spain and Latin America are typically heroic, solemn, even bombastic. But when it came time in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' landmark voyage, Ibiza went in a very different direction. Perhaps the island's funkiest public monument, located in the roundabout at the entrance to Sant Antoni de Portmany, the Monument to the Discovery of the Americas is a six-metre-high (20-foot) white egg, with a gap containing an iron statue of Columbus' ship the Santa Maria, its prow facing west. Popularly known as the Huevo de Colón ("Egg of Columbus", an allusion to a famous anecdote in which Columbus made a point about the world by balancing an egg on its end), the presence of this monument is also testament to the theory held by some that Columbus was not Italian but in fact Ibizan.

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