A centuries-old stone bridge with an air of mystery - and a diabolical legend

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Pont Vell Bridge

The Devil made them do it

The most iconic landmark in Santa Eulària des Riu, up on the northeastern coast, the stone Pont Vell is also known as the "Roman Bridge", but it was likely built in the 16th and 17th centuries (then had some work done at the end of the 19th). Over the centuries, the bridge has accumulated its share of legends, lore, and mystery - for example, that witches once dwelled here, and Satan himself helped build it (hence another popular nickname, "Devil's Bridge"). Some 90 metres long and nine high, it's open to foot traffic only (vehicles use the nearby Pont Nou). One thing's for sure: it makes a very pretty and photogenic sight nestled amid the surrounding trees and shrubbery.

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