Incredibly ancient and fascinating cemetery and accompanying museum tracing Ibiza's history back to centuries BC

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Puig des Molins Necropolis/Museum

Traces of the past

One of Europe's oldest cemeteries, founded by Phoenician settlers in the 7th century BC and also used by subsequent colonisers from ancient Carthage and Rome. Its superior state of preservation as well as the value and importance of its relics and more than 4,000 tombs make this one of the Mediterranean's most important archaeological sites. Artifacts from various eras include amulets, jewelry, offertory vessels, coins, and bronze tools - the most outstanding of which are on display - and curated with gravely (ahem) interesting explanations and audiovisual material - at the Puig des Molins Archaeological Museum right alongside this necropolis; here the top stars include an impressive bust of the goddess Tanit and pantheons of gods Eshmun and Baal Hamon. Just wow.

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