Catalan cuisine is big on rice, and Ibiza gives it its own savoury twist

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Rice dishes

Rice, rice, baby

Seafood may be king, but its queen consort is clearly the rice dishes especially characteristic of all the coastal regions of the Catalan and Valencian communities. They're hearty, healthy, flavourful cornucopias incorporating the best of the vaunted "Mediterranean diet". Paella is the most famous, of course, but there are many variations, for practically all tastes. There's arròs a banda, tasting perhaps the most intensely of the sea thanks to being cooked in fish stoc. Arròs nègre ("black rice") also has plenty of seafood, but is black thanks to the addition of squid ink. For a little taste of the island's interior, the arròs de matances is all about different cuts of pork. Yes, on Ibiza, rice is nice!

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