Fascinating history of Eivissa's old town and its encircling walls

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Sant Jaume & Sant Pere Bastions

Key points in the city walls

If you're impressed by the doughty, centuries-old stone walls of Eivissa's old town, Dalt Vila, come check out these two bastions to learn more about their construction and history, along with the strategies deployed by local defenders over the generations to repel enemy attacks. The exhibitions in the Baluart de Sant Jaume specialises in the military technology of the 16th through 18th centuries, displaying and explicating all manner of heavy mortars, cannon, and other artillery, as well as swords and pistols - plus even helmets and corsets you can try on yourselves. At Baluart Sant Pere you can check out the casemates where arms and munitions were stored, including recreations of how it looked back in the day. To the walls!

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