Another curious example of austere outside, exuberant inside

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Santo Domingo Church

Eivissa's second most important church

Eivissa's second most important Catholic church after the cathedral, Santo Domingo is a single-nave affair lined with small side chapels; of these that of the Holy Christ of the Cemetery is the most striking and unusual. The façade is quite simple, with the main decorative elements being the columns flanking the entrance and an image of the church's namesake St. Dominic above it. Once you enter, however, you're bowled over by the likes of dramatic ceiling frescos; other sublime paintings done by the Majorcan artist Matas in 1884; and perhaps even more stupendous, a striking golden, Genovese-Baroque-style altarpiece. In the 18th century the church had to be remodeled because of an explosion in a nearby gunpowder magazine.

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