Not as large as other aqueducts of Roman Spain, but impressive nonetheless because of its length - more than 400 metres

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S'Argamassa Roman Aqueduct

A historic water carrier

An ancient treasure of Ibiza up the south coast from Santa Eulária des Riu, this aqueduct built by Roman settlers in the 1st century AD runs an impressive 400-plus metres (a quarter mile). Its height and width are quite a bit more modest, varying according to the terrain, up to a mere two metres (6½ feet) tall. Its main purpose, archaeologists have figured out, was not agricultural but aquacultural - to feed fish farms and holding pools near the coast. Also nearby are the ruins of a seaside farming settlement as well as a small industrial nucleus. Some of the stretches of aqueduct are in better condition than others - and another odd thing is that the Hotel Melià S'Argamassa was allowed to build virtually alongside one particular stretch - you can practically reach out and touch it from some ground-floor room patios.

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