Museum of Archaeology

A fascinating dive into the prehistoric past, where you'll learn about things like the islands' volcanoes and original Guanche people.

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Museum of Archaeology

A repository of the Canary Islands' archaeological and geological heritage.

The perfect place to learn about the Canary Islands' original Guanche people, the museum is located in an imposing neoclassical edifice near the Plaza de España, presiding over the city's South Pier. Once inside, you're in for a fascinating visit, whether you're merely curious, or a true archaeology geek. The museum is one of the cultural cornerstones of the island, charged since the 1950s with the mission of compiling the many prehistoric artifacts and specimens of geological interest from across the archipelago. Today it's a centre for both research and public education, with many exhibitions about subjects such as the islands' vulcanism and ancient Guanche mummies. We'd recommend a meal at the museum's restaurant, which has won awards for its cuisine and serves up some especially delectable tapas. Entrance is free on Sundays.

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