The biggest Japanese spectacle outside of Japan can be found in this neighbourhood: restaurants, street stalls, festivals, shops, dances, parades...

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Liberdade Square

One city inside another.

The strange oriental neighbourhood of Liberdade reminds us that São Paulo is the biggest Japanese city outside of Japan, although it also has immigrants from other Eastern countries, making this neighbourhood a city inside another. Its shops offer so much that it is not hard to find an original present to take home. It is also worthwhile spending a full day strolling amongst its streets, tasting new flavours from the street stalls and exquisite restaurants, as well as getting a better understanding of the profound Japanese culture. If your trip coincides with the celebration of Tanabata Matsuri or Festival of the Stars en Liberdade Square, you will be able to walk amongst trees hanging with "tanzakus", or wishes for the gods. If, on the other hand, you travel to Liberdade when it celebrates Toyo Matsuri, the street performances of "taiko" percussion will overwhelm you, along with its folk dances and parades frames by bamboo decorations typical of this festival.

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