Traditional pottery, embroidery, and other remarkable crafts sold in shops across the island, as well as online.

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Artenerife craft shops

A brand established to promote and protect traditional crafts as well as guarantee quality and authenticity

You'll soon figure out that the Canary Islands' crafts tradition is one of their most magnificent assets, an excellent example being pottery, whose roots reach back to the Guanche civilisation even before the arrival of the Spanish and which today is one of the main ways Guanche culture is kept alive in the modern world. The Artenerife brand was created by local authorities to promote and protect that tradition as well as guarantee the authenticity of products sold in various shops across the island. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife you'll find the main outlet in the Casa Real de la Aduana. In addition to traditional Guanche and other Tenerife pottery you'll also want to look for another very well-known island craft, its embroidery. There's also an online shop at

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