There's nothing in the world like Canarian potatoes - "pretty potatoes," "black potatoes," and especially "wrinkled potatoes." You've got to try them to believe them.

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Canarian potatoes.

Potatoes are the most famous local dish - especially the wrinkly ones!

Potatoes are of course originally from the Americas, but a particular type has become the Canary Islands' most famous and typical dish. The unique local ecosystem produces a large variety of potatoes, and the variants and dishes that are made from them are endless, but at the top of the list are papas arrugadas or papas arrugás, or "wrinkled potatoes". They're boiled in salt water along with local meat and fish, but each village and town has its own variant; you'll find them as tapas all over the island. Other local potato dishes you'll find only on the islands are papas negras, papas bonitas, and papas andinas. Any eating place will do a good job with them, but one place we'd point you to in particular is any waterfront café in Puerto de la Cruz. This is the epitome of island living.

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