This is the annual party the island waits for all year long, in which Santa Cruz gives itself over to nonstop partying for a chunk of February and March.

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Carnaval time in Tenerife

Like Rio, Venice, and New Orleans, Tenerife throws one of the world's top Carnaval celebrations.

Tenerife is proud as the possessor of one of world's most important and spectacular Carnaval celebrations in the world (in fact, that's why it's twinned with Rio de Janeiro). Its origins are lost in time, but masqued celebrations have been traced back to at least 1605. Be that as it may, for a handful of days each February and March, the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz gets decked out and ready to choose the Carnaval Queen, then gives itself over to an orgy of murgas, comparsas and rondallas (as the various musicians, groups, and processions are called), along with many thousands of locals and visitors who cram every square metre of the plaza.

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