A trove of Canarian history and cuisine.

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Casa Lercaro

A home-museum that's a key part of the Tenerife History Museum.

At this house museum, a key piece of the Tenerife Museum of History and Anthropology located in downtown La Laguna, not only is history front and centre, but so is cuisine - and even a ghost. The house has been a part of island history since its construction in the 16th century, and in the course of that history it has undergone changes and served a variety of uses, including a university department of philosophy and humanities. Its paintings, maps, and other items help visitors get a picture of the islands' social, economic, and political development. On top of that, they say the place is haunted by the the heartbroken ghost of Catalina Lercaro. When visiting, try to bring your appetite, because the museum's restaurant is a wonderful place to try local delicacies amidst traditional Canarian surroundings.

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