Church of Our Lady of the Rock of France

Classical Roman meets Moorish in a unique Canarian synthesis.

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Church of Our Lady of the Rock of France

Testament to a blending of cultures.

This Catholic church is an example of the many Tenerife landmarks and sites that are testimony to the cultural blending that has occurred here over the centuries. As of its renovation in the 17th century, the church reflects various architectural styles. The three central naves display the Roman architectural influence found throughout much of Europe. Mixed with that, though, are Mudejar (Moorish-derived) elements and Arabic roof tiles, reflecting the centuries of Moorish influence in Iberia. The high altar depicts the figure for whom the church is named, Our Lady of the Rock of France, one of the island's most revered madonnas. There are also several key artworks not to miss, such as the five canvasses attributed to San Manuel de la Cruz.

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