A mix of ground corn and wheat used in various aspects of local cooking and ground in stone mills which you can visit throughout the island.

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A traditional flour that's a huge part of local cuisine.

Also known as harina tostada (toasted flour) and names such as ñaco, máchika, and kamoka, gofio is one of the mainstays of Canarian cuisine, which is in some ways closer to that of South American countries such as Argentina and Uruguay, where this sweet also exists under other names (its origin goes back even before the Spanish arrival on the island). It's prepared from corn and wheat, mainly ground in a traditional manner in stone mills. Each area has its own version; for example, one of the most popular is the three-cereal gofio from around ​​Adeje. Throughout the island you can visit the mills that produce it, such as the historic La Orotava mill; many have their own brand and are sold in local villages and towns.

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