History buffs will want to stop at the remains of the city's onetime main defensive fort, with a fascinating museum attached.

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San Cristóbal Castle

Remains of a major defensive bastion.

Here below the Plaza de España you'll find the ruins of the city's onetime main defence bastion, which today should be part of any history buff's local itinerary, breathing history as they do. From the period of its construction around the middle of the 16th century, this fortification has been an iconic spot, and today the interpretive centre within its remaining walls goes into interesting detail about the defensive systems of the time, not just of this fort but also others of the Canary Islands. Among its wide collection of artifacts and relics, pride of place is given to its central attraction, a legendary 18th-century cannon dubbed "El Tigre" ("The Tiger"), which also has a bit of local lore attached to it. It's said that it was the weapon that claimed the arm of British admiral Horatio Nelson when his forces were besieging the city .

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