Waterfalls, lush flora, great views, all within minutes of downtown Puerto de la Cruz.

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Taoro Park

A park above Puerto de la Cruz that's worth a bit of a climb.

This lush green corner of the island offers a great way to get a taste of the countryside without getting too far out of town; this is a park you can stroll to from Puerto de la Cruz, though it does involve a slight bit of a climb, including a stairway of 250 steps (don't worry, though, there are rest areas along the way). What you'll find at the top is well worth it - not just the views but the lovely vegetation and especially the waterfalls. We'd recommend coming in the late afternoon if possible, in order to catch the sunset, then you can head back down as the park starts lighting up for the night and round off your excursion with a visit to the old town harbour.

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