Specialising in African wildlife and ecosystems, it's a fun eye-opener for kids and grown-ups alike

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Bioparc Theme Park

The new zoo review

A small, publically owned zoo at the north end of the parkland along the Turia River, unlike more traditional zoos, Bioparc seeks to provide its denizens plenty of space to move around, and space that resembles their native habitats as much as possible. It's specialised in African wildlife, and divided into four main zones: Madagascar, equatorial forests, dry savannah, and wet savannah. Bioparc includes western gorillas, white rhinos, giraffes, and hippos - all of which especially delight kids but fascinate adults, as well. While entertaining, it also seeks to educate young and old about the dangers to species and ecosystems posed by climate change, human encroachment, and other factors.

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