A family-owned traditional fan-maker for an exquisite and typical memento of Valencia

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Carbonell Fans

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Elaborately painted hand fans are of course a trademark of traditional Spanish culture. While they didn't originate in this country, it was in Valencia in 1804 that they made their first appearance, and it's a Valencian company, family-owned Abanicos Carbonell, which has from 1860 down to this day epitomised the craftsmanship of this cultural icon. Centrally located on Carrer de Castelló, very near the Estació del Nord railway station, it carries its own Carbonell fans, but also those of other makers, such as Aldaia, Goldella, and Alaquàs. Their fans depict an amazing variety of themes and colours, and make not just excellent and typical mementos of Valencia, but remarkable collectors' items.

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