Cuisine of Valencia's Hinterland

The Albaida Valley is great for the great outdoors, agritourism - and eating

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Cuisine of Valencia's Hinterland

Bounty of the countryside

Valencia's coast gets much of the attention, touristically speaking, but there's a whole world out there in the hinterland away from the sea, and one that's especially interesting to fans of nature, hiking, and climbing. We'd point you especially to the Albaida Valley, a lush area with friendly people; sweet agritourism opportunities; and 34 towns where you can get some of the best country meals you can imagine. Local delicacies include baked rice casserole; bacon-mushroom pastry; a variety of tasty sausages like butifarra and sobrasada; and peppers stuffed with cheese. Perhaps the best known dish here is arrop i tallaetes, a traditional sweet involving pumpkin, peach or plum chunks drenched in a thick, sweet grape-juice syrup.

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