One of Europe's top performance venues, and a magnificent piece of modern architecture in its own right

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Palace of Music

I feel the music in me

In the 1980s, the banks of Valencia's Turia River underwent a makeover which turned it into a parklike zone that's one of the city's most bucolic and enjoyable areas. Designed by José María de Paredes, the Palau de la Música was inaugurated in 1987 amid these leafy precincts, an enormous arched space roofed in glass; the side overlooking the river, meanwhile, offers its own picturesque views. The facilities host classical, jazz, and other many other types of musical performances, as well as cinema shows and exhibitions. With its remarkable acoustics, the main hall has played host to many of the world's most distinguished orchestras, artists, directors, singers, and groups. If in season, definitely worth an evening of your time.

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