A futuristic opera/symphony hall that's the world's largest opera house

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Queen Sofía Palace of the Arts

A classical gas

Native Valencian starchitect Santiago Calatrava has designed a bunch of cool buildings in town, and this is another of them, like the Science Museum part of the ginormous City of Arts and Sciences. The Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofía, inaugurated in 2005 and named after Spain's now queen mum, is not only home to the Symphonic Orchestra of the Valencian Community, but is actually also counted as the world's largest opera house. It has unsurprisingly become one of the cultural lodestars of this city, and attending an opera or concert here (often given by world-class international artists) is a real treat and a privilege. If for whatever reason you can't (or this type of thing is not your cup of tea), do at least go have a look at the exterior, which is especially spectacular illuminated at night.

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