Once the main entrance to the once walled city, it affords great views out over Valencia, and is where the city's famous annual 'Falles' festival is launched

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Serranos Gate

A doughty symbol of Valencia's Old Town

One of Valencia's best preserved landmarks, the twin-tower Serranos Gate, built in 1392, was the primary entrance to the medieval old town (though the wall it accessed was torn down in the 19th century). In addition to defensive functions, the Serranos has also been the site of events such as the ceremonial entrances of monarchs to the city, and even served as a prison and as a repository for artwork evacuated from the Prado Museum during the Spanish Civil War. Today it's open to visitors, and its rooftop offers impressive views out over the city; it also is the site of the launch of the city's most celebrated annual event, March's Falles.

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