Maybe it doesn't get frigid hereabouts, but folks do eat a bit heartier in wintertime - and stews are a particular favourite

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Winter Dishes

Baby, it's - well, not all that cold outside

In terms of severity, winters in this area are hardly on the order of northern Europe, or even some parts of northern Spain. But it certainly does cool off around here, and many restaurants and chefs roll out some slightly heartier fare on their menus. Perhaps the star example is arròs amb fesols i naps (rice with beans and turnips, also commonly referred to as caldera), which is usually cooked with pig's trotters and served especially for particular special occasions; it's especially good in the town of Ademuz, on the outskirts of Valencia city. Other winter specialities include olletas (a stew of rice, pork, sausages, and vegetables), puchero de San Blase (another hearty meat-and-veggie stew), and cocido de pelotas (pork and veal mix with egg, parsley, pine nuts, and breadcrumbs), a dish commonly eaten on Christmas day.

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