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Online check-in

Health declaration

The authorities require you to accept a Health declaration to confirm that you have no symptoms, have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, have not been in direct contact with anyone who has the disease, and are not under mandatory quarantine. You can access the form during online check-in or at the airport. Remember, if you have any symptoms, please stay away from the airport and get in touch with us.

Health Control Form

To enter Spain from abroad, you must show one of the following documents (except for children under 12 and passengers in international transit):

  • An EU or EU-equivalent digital Covid vaccination certificate, or a negative certificate of an active infection diagnostic test, or a recovery certificate obtained after having had the disease.

  • SpTH QR: If you do NOT have an EU or EU-equivalent digital Covid certificate you must fill in the Health Control Form on the Spanish government website www.spth.gob.es, or alternatively by downloading the app to your phone.

Country regulations

To plan your journey as smoothly as possible, be sure to check in advance the restrictions and requirements currently in place in different countries.

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Travel light

  • We recommend that you check in your hand baggage free of charge and board with only a small bag or brief case (not available on Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flights) to minimise contact on board and travel more comfortably.



Face masks for the journey

  • Remember to pack in your hand baggage enough masks for the duration of the journey and change them as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Arrival at the airport





A face mask must be worn for the duration of the flight

In line with the current regulations, the use of a mask at the airport is recommended for everyone aged 6 and over, and a surgical mask or one providing greater protection (without an exhalation valve), covering the nose and mouth, is compulsory throughout the flight.
You should also take enough masks for the duration of the journey.

Passengers who cannot use the obligatory face mask for exceptional health reasons must contact the Iberia medical service.

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At the airport. Before boarding

Check in your hand baggage

Remember, you can check in your hand baggage free of charge (except for Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flights) to minimise contact on board and travel more comfortably.

Security control

Airport security controls may take longer than usual so please get to the airport in good time.

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At the airport. Boarding

Premium lounges

Enjoy our Premium lounges at Madrid – Barajas Airport with confidence and complete peace of mind: The Dalí Premium Lounge is in T4, in the Main Building, and the Velázquez Premium Lounge is in T4S, in the Satellite Building.

For more information about the Premium Lounges you can use at other airports or to check whether they are still only offering a reduced service, visit the oneworld website.

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On board

A safe space

The air in our cabins is renewed every three minutes to remove 99.9% of the germs and impurities, which means viruses and bacteria as well. So all you have to worry about is enjoying your flight.
We have also implemented a more rigorous cleaning procedure for all elements on board, such as folding tables, safety belts, armrests and headrests, toilets, etc., which are now cleaned more frequently and more thoroughly.
The use of face masks is compulsory throughout the flight. Remember, single-use masks must be changed every 4 hours.

On-board service

We are offering a new on-board service in Business, Premium Economy and Economy on long-haul flights and in Business on medium-haul flights lasting more than four and a half hours. These menus are prepared daily with fresh, seasonal ingredients and in accordance with all the necessary Covid health and safety measures so you can enjoy your travel experience with complete confidence.
In Economy class on domestic flights and short and medium-haul European flights, you can buy snacks and drinks from our “Buy on board” menu.
Another option we offer is the Iberia Deliverfly service, where you can order in advance the menu or fresh, seasonal products you want to have during the flight.

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On arrival


When you land at the destination airport, please wait until the crew announces the procedure for disembarking. Please also try to maintain a safe distance from other passengers as you leave the plane and keep your face mask on.

Lastly, we recommend that you keep your boarding pass until you leave the airport at your final destination because the authorities may ask to see it at any time to check the origin of your journey.

Health control

Depending on the airport, when you reach the terminal you will either have to hand in a form or show it on your phone. You may also have your temperature taken with a thermal camera or non-contact thermometer, and visual observations may be used to identify passengers with apparent signs of ill health. Remember, some destinations require a negative PCR test or similar so please be sure to check what documents you will need before your journey.

Health Control Form

If you arrive in Spain from abroad and are not in transit for another international flight, you must show one of the mandatory certificates (EU or EU-equivalent digital Covid vaccination certificate, or a negative test result certificate, or a recovery certificate) or alternatively the QR code obtained by filling in the form electronically or the printed form on the plane or at the airport. The procedure takes longer with the printed form so we recommend that you fill in the form in advance on the Spanish government website www.spth.gob.es.

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