Electronic devices

Information about taking electronic equipment and devices and using them during the flight.

Can I connect my computer on the plane to a power source?

Our new long-haul flights have:

  • Universal power adaptor (EU, USA, UK).

  • USB port to charge your device and listen to and view your own content.

Medium and short-haul planes (on the upgraded A320 and A321)

  • Business class

    • Universal power adapter (EU, USA, UK).

    • USB port to charge your device and listen to and view your own content.

  • Economy class

    • USB connector to charge your device.

Which items with batteries can I take?

Certain restrictions apply to the transport of electronic devices and lithium batteries depending on whether they are installed in the equipment or are being carried as spares. Devices that use lithium batteries (such as drones) may be transported in the cabin provided that the battery does not exceed 160Wh.

Check our Electronic devices page for the restrictions on transporting lithium and other batteries to see whether you should take them as hand luggage, checked baggage or cargo.

Am I allowed to smoke e-cigarettes on an Iberia flight?

All Iberia flights are non-smoking. The use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes and any similar devices is prohibited on all our planes.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has banned the transport of electronic cigarettes in luggage checked into the hold but you are allowed to carry them in your hand luggage (although you can't use or recharge them).

Can I use my mobile phone or other electronic device on the plane?

You can use your mobile phone or other electronic devices in plane mode or equivalent (data transmission disabled) throughout the flight.
For security reasons and to avoid incidents with the aircraft systems and equipment, the use of certain electronic devices is still banned during take-off and landing and throughout the flight.

The new long-haul aircraft have a satellite connection to offer WiFi for your personal mobile devices. This means that you can open your email, check social media, send text messages and use instant messaging apps during the flight. We recommend that you disable data transmission of switch your phone off if you don't want to use this service.