The columns supporting the building are worth a visit alone. There are 43 of them and each one is different.

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The Old Municipal Corn Exchange

Beautiful both inside and out.

If you arrive here on foot, it’s worth taking a few steps back and observing the building from one of the benches around it. The entrance to the complex is on Arriquibar Square. The building is over 100 years old and was built between 1905 and 1909 by Ricardo Bastida. This was one of the bids to modernise the city, which saw great success. Firstly, they were able to erect an enormous building, which occupies an entire block in the Ensanche district (this was the new zone of Bilbao at the time). Secondly, their techniques were innovative, and it was the first building in the community to be built on reinforced concrete. This wine shop rapidly became an icon of the city. In 2000, under the supervision of architect Philippe Starck, it was transformed into a cultural and sports activity centre. It is worth going inside to count the 43 columns that support the building, as each one is unique. Made of marble, wood, brick, glazed terracotta, steel and Lecce stone, each column symbolises a different historical and cultural period. A large sun presides over and illuminates the building. If the weather’s nice, take in the views from the top floor terrace.

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