An extraordinary experience which will reveal the mysteries of astronomy to you.

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Adler Planetarium

Enjoy the Chicago sky.

Despite being the first planetarium in the United States, constant renovation and up-dating means that it is the most technologically-advanced planetarium in the world. Inside its huge rooms you will fly through a mysterious, astonishing sky, admire the stars and discover their closely-guarded secrets. Here, in the centre of Museum Campus, you will learn about advances in astronomy and the evolution of the equipment used for studying the constellations throughout history. You will also see what it was like when people thought that the Earth was the centre of the universe and you will experience an exciting and astonishing interactive adventure with the planetary shows in its theatres. In the Atwood Sphere you will be able to compare the sky of Chicago in 1913 with the sky of today and realize that, although the position of the stars has not changed, we only see a small percentage of them because of the high levels of light pollution. You will never look at the sky in the same way again. For more information go to:

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