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Another way of exploring the water

Take yourself out on the river.

If you like a bit of adventure and you want to visit the city at your own pace, the best way of travelling around on the river is to rent a single or double kayak and have some exercise out on the water. With offers for groups and the option of taking a guide, you can either decide on a destination or you can simply follow your nose and explore the city shoreline. At Wateriders ( you can rent a kayak for 20 dollars per hour or a go on a guided tour for about 60 dollars; Kayak Chicago ( has similar offers and prices from Wednesday to Saturday. At Urban Kayaks ( they offer a guide as well as renting which allows you to go at your own pace. If you want to try out a new and intrepid experience we recommend going to the Seadog ( at Navy Pier where you can go on a fun tour on a motor boat which flies over the water. A piece of advice, if you sit at the back you’ll get wet.

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