It is not their size which makes them conspicuous, although it did in the past, but their curious shape and their location.

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Marina City

Two distinctive towers.

Although the towers are not particularly tall, they catch your attention because of their perfect setting on the banks of the river in North State Street and their unusual rounded shape, making them an architectural gem. Conceived by Bertrand Goldberg, when the doors were opened in 1962 they were the tallest buildings in the world. As a matter of interest, as well as being 40 storeys high, they also have 20 floors of parking and a dock for mooring boats. Although the original project was to design the new head office for Chicago Janitor’s Union, the architect managed to persuade the company's president to build housing for the workers as well. It was originally intended to be ‘a city within the city’ including leisure facilities such as an ice rink for the use of the residents, however, ultimately it was seen to be financially unfeasible and its hotel, restaurants and recreational areas were opened to the public.

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