If you are interested in animals and the origin of life, this is the museum for you.

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The Field Museum

A journey through the animal life on earth.

The museum is named in honour of its first benefactor, Marshall Field, and has been right in the centre of the city, at 1400 Lake Shore Drive since 1921 with its great anthropological, botanical, geological and ecological collections. This magnificent building, similar in appearance to Roman and Greek temples, will transport you to ancient Egypt, Tibet or the Pacific, as well as offering exhibitions on the planet Earth and its animal life. You can see lots of dissected animals and animal skeletons but one of its most popular attractions is ‘Sue’, the best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex in the world. She is 42 metres long, 13 metres high and has 58 sharp teeth giving you an idea of the great size of these prehistoric animals. As well as its important fossil and meteorite collections, the museum houses the fifth largest herbarium in the western hemisphere, with around 2.7 million plants. The entrance price is 15 dollars, although the price varies depending on which exhibitions or activities you want to do. If you prefer, you can also go on a guided tour. You will find the prices at www.fieldmuseum.org

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