All the Irish souvenirs you could dream of, to make your most inventive presents

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Carrolls Gifts & Souvenirs

Typical Irish souvenirs

As the name indicates, the point of the Carrolls Gifts & Souvenirs chain of shops is to guarantee you get a variety of colourful objects to fill your suitcase, if you want to take home souvenirs of Dublin as presents. The famous Leprechaun (that tiny imp of Irish legend) features heavily in the souvenirs on offer, ensuring that you don’t end up with the classic lighter or fridge magnet with a picture of the city. The shelves are filled with sheepskins, Celtic ornaments, teacups with funny messages, plant pots with clovers painted on (though there’s no guarantee that you’ll get three leaf clovers growing in them), and clover seeds; a total madhouse of tiny trinkets. It’s worth taking a list of the number of gifts you need to buy, as once you’re inside Carrolls Gifts & Souvenirs there is every chance you’ll be overcome with buyers’ frenzy and have no idea when to stop.

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