One of the city’s most important temples, where you can discover part of Ireland’s history

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Christ Church Cathedral

Viking memories

Although it may seem incredible, Dublin is home to the remains of an ancient Viking cathedral from the 11th century, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (known as Christ Church Cathedral), the first stones of which were laid in 1038 to look out over the Viking settlement ruled by King Sigtrygg II “Silkbeard” Olafsson. Unfortunately, the original structure was remodelled by the Anglo-Normans after their invasion of Ireland, and they decided that the cathedrals architectural style should be somewhere between Romantic and Gothic. Due to an error in calculations, the foundations were destroyed by funeral crypts, which was the cause of numerous collapses and restorations over the next few centuries. The medieval remains are barely visible after the latest Victorian restoration which took place at the end of the 19th century, but the tombs of important historic figures still remain, as does at least one bell dating from the Viking age. The Anglican Cathedral also housed the heart of the saint Lorenzo O’Toole from the 13th century onwards, but the relic was stolen in 2012 and has not yet reappeared.

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