National Botanic Gardens

A great green area to explore and discover the vast number of species that live there

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National Botanic Gardens

Take a walk with Nature

To enjoy a day in the great outdoors in Dublin you simply have to go to O’Connell street and catch a bus there which will drop you at the National Botanic Garden, three miles from the city centre. It was opened as a botanical centre in 1795 by the Royal Society of Dublin to further the scientific aims of conservation and the cultivation of as many different plant species as possible from all over the world. With that aim, they managed in a very short time to collect more than 20,000 living species (of which fewer survive today) and thousands of other dried specimens, in order to study them at the National Herbarium. One of the quirks of the National Botanic Garden is the exquisite restoration and maintenance of the old wrought-iron greenhouses, designed and built at the end of the 19th century, which still have their original frames. The plant collections include exotic, delicate orchids, flowers indigenous to New Zealand and China, and the artificially recreated environments include wetlands and mountains.

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