Do you know how whisky is made? Here you’ll see the whole process, with all the details explained

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Old Jameson Distillery

The whisky museum

Next on the Dublin drinks agenda is spirits – for which you can pay a visit to the Old Jameson Distillery, which has been an internationally recognised model of whisky production since 1870. Now the old distillery – and the house of its founder, John Jameson – is also a museum that reveals all the secrets of the alchemy responsible for creating this drink, which for decades has been recognised as one of Ireland’s best vintages. The guided tours take you on a journey through history, right back to 1770 when Mr Jameson decided to make a whisky that was three times smoother than the normal kind, using a process of triple distillation. The tour finishes – and rightly so - with a whisky tasting (if you volunteer and are chosen from amongst your tour group), complete with a Jameson’s tasting certificate, and a browse through the Jamesons’s souvenir shop.

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