Do not miss The Globe, if you are a lover of classic theatre. You will relive the theatre of the Middle Ages. Exciting and different.

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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Shakespeare in love.

If there's a popular icon of art in England, it is Shakespeare. Many of his works are largely familiar and they are still studied throughout the world. Should you go to this theatre/museum, built by the shore of the Thames, in the area of Southwark, you'll find a loyal recreation of the original theatre of the 17th century Shakespeare Company. Even if you're not excited by the playwright, you can enter the building and see how it would have been during the Middle Ages: once inside, you'll feel that you've always liked theatre. The top gallery area, the box seats for the aristocracy, the games using pulleys or trap doors, all have a traditional likeness which take you back to that era and much more than you expect. Once you've finished seeing it, you're going to feel that it hasn't completely satisfied you and that something is missing. That something is of course, the show. Providing that you're visiting it between May and October, don't leave the building without setting aside a little while, to see one of the classic works which they represent. It is a completely different way of watching theatre.

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